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Tax & Regulatory Services

Taxation is backbone for the economy of any country. In India almost 70% of Government receipts are from various taxes only. On further vivisection it can be noticed that more than half of the Government receipts are from Direct and Indirect taxes.

Above details signifies the importance of taxes in the economy and for the exchequers and make it obvious for them to not only keep a close tab to ensure zero leakages but also to find avenues of its continuance growth

Even for the taxpayers, being almost one third of total business turnover, it is one of the top priority. In such a case it is very essential that the business must ensure strict compliance of tax laws as well optimum utilization of available tax benefits

With the rapid evolution of tax laws there is a need to keep a close watch on the developments and quickly adopt to the changed scenario

At Intelisys our endeavor is not only ensure compliance with zero tolerance but also to optimum utilization for our valued clients. Under Tax & regulatory we provide following services with a motto of Minimizing tax incidences. Optimising tax


  • Corporate ( Income Tax) & International tax
  • Indirect tax, GST advisory & implementation
 Corporate Income & International taxations including personal Income Tax 
 Direct Taxation

 Intelisys provide following services under corporate income tax & International taxations
  • Pre-assessment support 
  • Assessment /post assessment/ support/ dispute resolution
  • International taxation/ transfer pricing 
  • Business restructuring............Read More

  Indirect Taxation

 Intelisys covers following areas under its Indirect Tax related services

 Advisory services

 GST Health check & Audits

 Litigation support

 Compliance related services

 Services related to Special Economic Zones...........Read More

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